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Welcome to Nassau Fundraising: your partner in the Netherlands for relationship fundraising and friendraising. Are you looking for a sparring partner? Do you want to collaborate with us or invite us as a speaker at your fundraising conference? Would you like to learn more about fundraising opportunities in the Netherlands?

Nassau Fundraising is leading the Dutch market in relationship and major gift fundraising. We offer a wide range of services. From strategic planning to developing a compelling case for support, from board development to implementing the fundraising strategy in organizational processes. We are a sparring partner for CEO’s and board members, as well as for fundraisers and their teams.

We aim to build bridges. Between non-profit organizations and their (prospective) donors. Between boards and their fundraisers. We believe in building sustainable relationships that meet the expectations of both parties.

Nassau is founded in 2008 by Vera Peerdeman, expert in major gift fundraising and author of ‘Friendraising‘. In 2014 Hans Broodman joined our team as partner. His expertise in direct response fundraising and fundraising management, completes our skill set. Together they published ‘Weg van Filantropie‘ (Philanthropy Roadmap), a practical guide for developing flourishing partnerships between major donors and ngo’s.

Together with our team of projectmanagers, we distinguish ourselves through a personal, hands-on and straightforward approach. We’re known for our innovative strategies and the results we’ve accomplished with these strategies. In addition to fundraising strategy, we focus on the fundraisers that execute it. We are the only agency in the Netherlands with both an extensive Talent Development Program and a Recruitment Service for fundraising vacancies, next to our consultancy services.

Our client base is diverse, we work with (international) charities, universities, hospitals and cultural organizations. For example with:








Curious about what we can achieve for you and/or your non-profit organization? Feel free to contact us. We’re looking forward to meeting you and having an inspiring chat on fundraising!

Nassau Fundraising
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