Friendraisingbefore fundraising

Friendraising is about building relationships with donors. Encouraging their involvement in your organization. That is completely different from the kind of fundraising many organizations are used to. Building sustainable relationships often requires a mindshift. Nassau Fundraising helps non-profit organizations with this mindshift. And through this, we help them achieve better fundraising results.

We consider friendraising to be a team effort. All employees can do their share in committing donors to their organization. From front desk staff to the CEO or board; from employees in the customer service department, to – undoubtedly – every fundraiser.

Friendraising is about reciprocity. About listening to what donors expect from the relationship with your organization, and implementing this information in your engagement strategy. It’s about dialogue in stead of monologue. About genuinely involving donors in your organization. And about helping each other to realize philanthropic ambitions.

We strongly believe that the future of fundraising lays in friendraising. That sustainable relationships with donors lead to better fundraising results and revenue. Our founder, Vera Peerdeman, has written down her vision on the matter in ‘Friendraising‘. This book offers a practical guideline for non-profit organizations. It provides them with 21 strategies to put friendraising into practice. The book is extremely popular among Dutch fundraisers. In fact, the second edition was printed within the first year.

Curious about what we can achieve for you and/or your non-profit organization when it comes to friendraising? Feel free to contact us. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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